Hello. Bonjour. Hejsan.

My name is Dmitry Poliansky and I’m a Moscow-based designer with more than 15 years of experience in the design industry. Studied both art and engineering, I worked in advertising agencies’ teams, on client’s side and completed a lot of own projects. 
Currently, I’m available as a freelancer.

Feel free to scroll down for portfolio and contacts.

Be-Kind Promo

Johnnie Walker Promo Stand

Megafon Packaging Stand

Fruttis / Landliebe fest area

Metropolis Halloween Set

Jägermeister Bar

Megafon TV Studio Set

Sport24 Expo Stand

Stoloto Kiosk

Starbucks Pop-Up Store

Metropolis Black Friday

Honor In-Mall Stand

Beeline skaterink installations

Merz event promo stands

Renault Arcana Tour Tent

Porsche Visuals

Ingosstrakh Song Contest Stage

Mentos Prepack

Carousel candy section

Honor Activity Zone

Hartan Podium

Aqua Minerale Retail Display

Agusha Retail Display

Midea Stand

Huawei Mate 20 Stand

Pepsi Retail Stands

Moscow River Cup Identity

Michelin X-Ice North 4 Marketing Materials

Honor Store Concept

LemonLemon Retail Stand

Chupa Chups Retail Stand

Meller Retail Stand

Motion Reel 2017

Captain Morgan Bar VR

McDonalds Product Line Visualization

Captain Morgan Retail Stand

Procedural Building

Samsung Shelves

Procedural City Generation

Samsung S8 Product Launch Materials

Reel 2016

Marlboro RED Retail Materials

Mall Of Ireland Facades

IQOS Sheremetyevo Booth

Abstract Surfaces

IQOS Presentation Case

Retail Profile Russia brand refurbishing

Marlboro Product Visuals

Parliament Totem

IQOS Flagship Store

Framform shape experiments

EVE Promo Kiosk

Johnnie Walker Packaging

Parliament Bar Presenter

SNUS Table Talkers

Parliament Glorifier

KBP Identity

IKEA Schemes

MEGACARD Promo Booth

Samara MEGA Temporary Shopfront Solution

MACE Brochure

IKEA Organisation Charts

IKEA Shopping Centres MAPIC Stand

MEGA Malls Navigation System

IKEA Corporate Infographics

Malls Locations Schemes

Premier Brochure

MEGA PopUp Stand


I have successfully worked with these and many other brands: